Takahashi FCT-150 Telescope

FCT-150 Telescope

Takahashi 6-Inch Refractor

The above photo shows the Takahashi FCT-150 refractor that I frequently use for CCD imaging. The scope uses a flourite triplet objective, and has a focal ratio of f7. The scope is shown with the SBIG STL-11000M CCD mounted to the scope. A remote guide CCD is attached to an FS-78 refractor used as a guidescope. I have a reducer that changes the f-ratio of the FCT-150 to f5. The scope also has a built in camera angle adjuster that allows a camera to be rotated to better frame the image without losing focus. This photo shows a Fingerlakes PDF focuser mounted between the CCD and the scope. A Takahashi NJP mount is used to support this optical tube assembly. I often use this scope on a telescope pad in the backyard, and operate it remotely from inside the house. The optical tube assembly weighs more than 48 pounds.

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